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Order and Delivery Terms and Conditions

Smenas Interior Ab Oy (Business ID 3250854-6) sells products to consumers and companies through the www.quadrafloor.fi online store. The following Order and Delivery Terms and Conditions apply to all events in the online store.

1. Orders

When you order through our online store, you are registered as a customer in our database. So that we can manage your order, your personal information (name, address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address) is needed. Please see the separate Data Protection Terms and Conditions for more information on how your personal data is handled and managed.

Ordering in the online store requires that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age, consent for the order is required from a parent or legal guardian. A parent or legal guardian can always cancel an order if a child or person under the age of 18 has placed an order without consent.

After completing the order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us by e-mail (info(a)quadrafloor.fi) or phone (+358 (0)6 723 3911).

2. Prices

The prices listed in the online store include 24% VAT but do not include a delivery fee. The prices listed only apply to purchases made in the online store. The delivery fee is added once a delivery method is selected during at checkout.

Regarding technical errors in pricing. In the event of an obvious error in pricing, i.e., such errors that the customer him/herself should be aware that the pricing is incorrect, Smenas Interior may cancel the agreement and refer to human or technical error. An example of this is when an item that costs 20,00 Euros is mistakenly listed as costing 0,20 Euros.

We reserve the right to make changes in prices and delivery fees.

3. Terms of Payment

Payment in the online store is made secure with Paytrail's SSL-protected e-payment service. You must be a bank cuctomer and have an online banking acoount or valid credit card to be able to place an order. All purchases made in the online store are charged without delay in connection with the order.

Smenas Interior does not have access to personal card details during the payment process nor are card details saved in our system.

4. The Payment Service

Payment in the online store is made through an SSL-protected e-payment service, with the payment service provided by Paytrail Plc (Business ID: 2122839-7) in cooperation with banks and other credit institutes. Paytrail Plc will be listed as the payee on your payment statement, because they process payments for the website that you purchased from. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution, with permission granted by the Finnish FIN-FSA Financial Supervisory Authority. If you have questions about your payment, please get in touch directly with the website www.quadrafloor.fi, where your order was placed and payment made.

Paytrail Plc (Business ID: 2122839-7)
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Telephone: +358 20 718 1830
E-mail: www.paytrail.com

5. Delivery

The minimum order that can be placed on the QUADRA floor website is for one package of flooring, which corresponds to 1 m2. QUADRA floor orders can be picked up directly from the factory or delivered by freight service; samples are sent by post. Our products are delivered from the factory within 2-3 working days from the time the order is placed, provided that the product is in stock. In those cases when a product is not in stock or for orders over 50 m2, the products will be delivered from the factory within 2-3 weeks, and you will be contacted when your order is ready for delivery.

If picking up directly from the factory, you will be contacted when the delivery is ready for pickup. For orders over 100 m2, please contact us by e-mail (info(a)quadrafloor.fi) or phone (+358 (0)6 723 3911).

For delivered items, we charge a flat delivery rate of 20,00 Euros + VAT for shipping service throughout Finland. This fee is automatically added to your shopping cart during checkout once a delivery method is selected.

We deliver orders only within mainland Finland.

6. Right of Withdrawal and Return

Smenas Interior complies with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act and with the regulations delineated by the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman with regard to e-commerce. You have the right to return a product within 14 days, using the same transport company that delivered the product. Once the terms and conditions of the return have been met, you will be refunded the purchase price. Smenas Interior pays for the cost of a return when completed in accordance with our customer return instructions.

The right of withdrawal only applies to unused products that are suitable for resale. Products bearing clear traces of use will not be refunded.

Damaged Product

If you receive a product that has been damaged during transport or have received the wrong product, please return the damaged packaging (including content) and register a claim with the transport company or return the wrong product without delay. Please also notify us If you have not yet received your product within 14 days from time of shipment.

It is always highly important to check the condition of a product before using it. In case of damage, we ask that you within 14 days send a picture / pictures of the damaged product and the date the product was received by e-mail to: info(a)quadrafloor.fi.

Product Returns

Always re-use the product’s original delivery packaging or equivalent packaging that satisfactorily protects the product when returning the product.

Please contact us first by e-mail (info(a)quadrafloor.fi) prior to returning a product, to agree in writing on the return method. In cases of return, the entire order quantity is returned, not parts of an order.

Regarding purchase refunds. The refund process can take up to 1-2 weeks after a return has been received by us. Please contact us immediately if you have not received your refund within this amount of time.

7. Complaints

According to Finnish legislation, as a consumer you have a 6-month right to register a complaint about a purchase made in an online store registered in Finland. This means that depending on the situation: a product can be repaired or replaced without additional cost; you can be given a refund; the product can be charged at a discounted price.

The right of complaint only applies to hidden defects. In those cases where a defect is obvious, a complaint should be made immediately, within two months of the damage being discovered. Wear, hard handling and/or the incorrect use, care or washing of a product do not fall under the right to complain.

If a product breaks down before the complaint period expires, we will try to repair the product. As a consumer, you can demand that the product be replaced, if the costs for this are not unreasonable in comparison with repair.

Send us an e-mail where you provide the order number and describe the problem. When you send the product to us, remember to bring a copy of the label that came with the product as well as a detailed description of the defect that is the reason for the complaint. The time it takes to process such matters is usually 1-4 weeks from receipt of complaint.

Following agreement in writing on the right to return and return method, we will book shipping and pay for any return costs relevant to the complaint. The returned product must always be packed appropriately. We will not pay for packages returned without agreement. We also will not accept packages for cash on delivery or similar.

8. Contact Information

Smenas Interior Ab Oy
Pännäistentie 179
68600 Pietarsaari

Telephone: +358 (0)6 723 3911
E-mail: info(a)quadrafloor.fi


Data Protection Terms and Conditions

About the handling of personal data in the www.quadrafloor.fi online store:

1. General

Smenas Interior is committed to protecting its customers’ personal information and offers customers the opportunity to influence how their personal data is handled and managed. If you are a registered customer, you can change or delete your information by logging in to the online store and going to the "User information" page.

The information provided here as part of the Data Protection Terms and Conditions is intended to inform our customers about how their personal data is handled and managed. The customer must accept the terms laid out in the Data Protection Terms and Conditions prior to ordering at the www.quadrafloor.fi online store.

The information we collect is such that the user provides, as well as data collected during data analysis. We use the information to manage orders and optimize the service provided in our online store. If you do not agree to the Data Protection Terms and Conditions, you cannot buy products in our online store.

Who can I contact?

If you have questions about the Data Protection Terms and Conditions and/or the use and processing of personal data, please contact us by e-mail at: info(a)quadrafloor.fi

Controller identity and contact information:

Smenas Interior Ab Oy (Business ID: 3250854-6)
Pännäistentie 179
68600 Pietarsaari

Questions about the Data Protection Terms and Conditions and/or the use and processing of personal data can be sent to: info(a)quadrafloor.fi

2. What personal information is collected from me and how is it used?

Some personal data is collected in connection with an order, including:
- Name (first name, last name);
- Postal address;
- Delivery address (if other than postal address);
- E-mail address;
- Telephone number.

This information is needed to be able to confirm your order and deliver the products. Each customer is responsible for ensuring that both his/her personal information and delivery address are correct. By ordering in the online store, you agree to Smenas Interior entering your personal information into the company customer register.

Payment in the online store is made secure with Paytrail's SSL-protected e-payment service. Smenas Interior does not have access to personal card details during the payment process nor are card details saved in our system.

3. How is my data stored and protected?

We always follow current legislation and regulations when collecting, handling, managing and using personal data. All personal data is protected against external parties, unintentional or illegal deletion, alteration, disclosure, transfer and/or other illegal handling.

We store our customers’ personal information in Finland. The information is stored for as long as required by legislation, i.e., a period of 5 years, after which it is deleted in accordance with the Accounting Act. Registered information is only used for accounting purposes, relevant to that the Finnish tax authorities can request invoicing documentation.

4. Who handles my personal information?

Smenas Interior’s staff use the information each customer provides to process the order (name, address, telephone number) and the e-mail address used for order confirmation. Personal data is handled and managed securely and ethically.

We use trusted contract-based partners for the handling and delivering of orders placed through the online store. When handling the order, certain information is unavoidably passed on to third parties, including:
- Customer name (first and last), delivery address and telephone number, i.e., information necessary to make delivery possible, are sent to the transport company.
- Information necessary for payment is sent to the payment service provider, Paytrail.
- Cookies for Google Analytics. The information that goes to Google is anonymized.

In addition, the Website Manager for the online store has the right to manage customers’ personal data in problem situations. Smenas Interior Ab Oy has entered into a data management agreement with the Website Manager, which is our guarantee to our customers that their personal data is saved, handled and managed in accordance with legislation.

5. What rights do I have?

Once you have registered in our online store, you have the right to your own information. You have the right to:
- Access own personal data and get a copy of your personal data and relevant information including how the data has been and is being used.
- Request that your personal information be corrected or deleted.
- With certain reservations, request that data handling and management be restricted or oppose the handling of personal data.

You can change your settings yourself by logging in to the online store and going to the "User information" page. If you wish that your personal data not be stored nor used any longer, or if you wish to restrict the use of your personal data, please send an e-mail to: info(a)quadrafloor.fi.

If you have questions regarding the use of your personal information, you can contact us at: info(a)quadrafloor.fi.

6. How can I influence the use of my data?

As a registered customer, you can close your user account at any time and ask Smenas Interior to delete your information by contacting our customer service at: info(a)quadrafloor.fi.

Note that in some cases not all information can be deleted, and legislation may require that some of the information about the customer relationship be saved.

7. Cookies

We use cookies to optimize our online store and its functionality so that your visit will be as satisfactory as possible. A cookie is a small data file with text that is saved in your browser. The cookie is valid for a limited time, after which it is deleted by the browser. You can also manually delete cookies from your computer yourself, depending on the browser.

Our online store uses Google Analytics to gain a statistical picture of the website visitor volume, which countries website visitors are in, and which pages they have been interested in. The information sent to Google is anonymized. We use statistics from Google Analytics to optimize our online store and increase user-friendliness. We do not register personal information unless purchases are made in the online store.

8. E-marketing

Smenas Interior does not send out newsletters, e-mail marketing nor the like unless the customer has specifically requested such.

9. Can the data protection description change?

We reserve the right to change the Data Protection Terms and Conditions, to be able to react to any changes in the development of the service provided and/or legislation. Registered customers will be notified of noticeable changes.

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