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Assembly & Maintenance

QUADRA floor is easy to install and can be easily varied. Also, minimal maintenance is needed!



Start with a clean and even surface.

The flooring tiles should be placed edge to edge to ensure that the first tile’s interlocking tabs align with the following tile. This allows the tiles’ corners/tabs to be snapped or hammered into place with a rubber mallet. Different colors can be used to create unique patterns and color combinations. If you tire of a pattern, it is easy to remove and reuse tiles to create a new pattern.

In those locations where temperature fluctuations are common, the flooring should be installed with an approximate 1 cm expansion gap to all walls and moldings, because polypropylene is a living material that expands with temperature fluctuations. For the best results, acclimate the flooring prior to use – the flooring should be the same temperature as the location where it is being installed to avoid any discrepancies in fit.


QUADRA floor needs no special maintenance but can be vacuumed or wiped or sponged-off with a as needed. The flooring is designed to allow moisture through, which allows the underlying surface to “breathe”. You can also easily lift up the flooring to clean.

We recommend the use of gentle detergents, suitable for use with polypropylene – strong cleaning fluids or solvents can discolor the product and are therefore not recommended.


Part of the Smenas Interior Oy company, the sole focus of QUADRA floor is flooring.

QUADRA floor - Basic and QUADRA floor - Basic ECO are two of the first designs in our growing product family.

We want to contribute to a better and more sustainable environment and have therefore developed QUADRA floor - Basic ECO.

Together let’s aim for a greener future!

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